It has been a whiiiiiiiiiiiile guys. One ‘i’ for each month that has passed maybe. Lol. 😄 It feels so awesome to be able to write today. I hope everyone has been AWESOMETASTIC!

I’ll just like to share something I learnt this morning from Matthew 23:23-31. You know that time when Jesus was speaking to the Pharisees about their ‘religious’ behaviours and the need to focus on changing from the inside out first as opposed to the other way round? Can you get your Bibles out so you can have a basic understanding before we start? But if you’re not with your Bible no worries we’ll still flow 😃 I hope that we learn and are reminded of these little things daily.

Two things I’ve learnt today from this scripture:

–Priority. Jesus said the Pharisees had neglected WEIGHTIER matters pertaining to Justice, Mercy and Faith. They had neglected the more important things.  I believe that it was not so much about those things that they were doing on the outside but more about what they totally lacked on the inside.

Now, note that Jesus did not just say they should have done the major things and neglected the rest. He said they were supposed to have addressed the more important things without leaving the others undone. It is not a licence not to do other things BUT the FIRST thing to be done should be changing on the inside before trying so hard to change the outside.


–Our speech, actions, inactions reflect what is INSIDE us. Jesus told them to first cleanse the inside of the cup and dish THAT the outside of them may be clean too. It’s a corresponding action. What’s inside us births what is seen on the outside. This is a major call to protect what’s inside us. To sift through the good and bad and allow only the good remain in our hearts and minds.

**Lord please help me to always operate from a clean heart and pure motive. Please cleanse me from the inside out in Jesus name. Amen.

Have a beautiful Saturday!



Sometimes I think the ‘You win Some You lose some’ mentality is great. In fact, I think it’s a mentality that should guide you from time to time. That way, you don’t take everything to heart. You don’t take everything personal. You don’t always want to win at ALL COSTS. Let’s consider it this way, in that instance that you didn’t get that job, or win that contract or that competition, someone else did. Someone else won. Be happy for that person (try to and be genuinely happy).

The person might have won for different reasons which you may (not) even know about. But this does not diminish the fact that you gave it your best shot, attention and time. This does not make you less unique or great at what you do. It doesn’t make you inferior so don’t think that for a second.

Some might argue that it’s best to find out why you were not chosen or didn’t WIN so to speak. Yes, in some cases (like the job interview) it’s okay to ask because such feedback can help you to do better in future. But sometimes it’s great to just move on. To the next one. Or even to the next level. Know when to give up the fight. You really wanted it and you gave it your all. That’s okay. If fact, that’s great! Keep doing this consistently. You’ll be shocked at the amazing things in store for you.

Philippians 4:6-7 Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

Have a beautiful Saturday guys!

Drained yet?

For the past one week now I’ve been really down. My sister had to ask if i was depressed. Loool (i can’t find the laughing smiley)  I’m not depressed o.  Really, I’m not or i was not. I was just really tired. I was spent. I was drained. I felt like my life was moving at a really slow pace. More like crawling you know. I’m not sure if you guys know that feeling when it’s like the stress is just too much on you and the thoughts of this actually make you physically weak. I was just really tired. I’ve been home since June now; waiting on Law school in October. The impatient me is tired of feeling like an only child (because I’m the only one at home with the parents); tired of the chores (oh really tired!) it’s like there is always something to be done. Some cleaning, washing, mass cooking, scrubbing and what not. I think the weight of all these got to me so much that i believed i really couldn’t take it anymore. I literally threw in the towel (well, in this case i threw the lamp in my hand on the bed Lol).

In the midst of my seeming ‘woes’, i forgot or rather chose not to remember the many things i actually have. You know it’s worse when you know you shouldn’t be feeling some type of way because you know the truth that the Joy of the Lord is your strength (Nehemiah 8:10). Well, for the life of me i just couldn’t relate to this truth at that time. I think it all came from this discontentment i felt at the time. You know, the kind of discontent that comes from looking at others rather than looking to God and waiting your turn. I basically looked at how people looked like they had it together and things were moving just fine for them. Whereas I’m certain my present state is definitely one to be thankful for. I have a great life, a beautiful family, i have the most amazing friends, i can think logically, i have a job so i don’t have to stay cooped up at home all day, i have JESUS who totally gets me even when i don’t get myself…. I mean, how did i forget all these and focus on all the negatives? How?!

I think that it is important to cherish every single thing i go through. I’ve been seeing so many quotes, discussions, and admonitions on enjoying the season you are in while you are in that season. I mean, there’s actually only this one life to live and learn. I’m experiencing certain things because I’m supposed to go through those things myself. I don’t have to see it through the eyes of another. I’m supposed to be actively present through those things. So, through this little experience I’m reminded of the need to constantly dwell on the great blessings that i know i already have. Things might not always look great but that’s when i have to gear up and be reminded that everything in life is a process; a stage, a SEASON.

I hope this speaks to someone also. I hope it reminds you that:

  • You have to know the truth about who you are and what you have.You might not feel like it every time but still hold on to the TRUTH that you know.
  • You have to be present and not neglect your season because this prepares you for more awesome things to come.
  • Never compare your season to another’s.

So, here’s the fun part! I’ll be uploading a section on being thankful. It’ll state at least one thing that I’m thankful for each day. If i am honest i will see many reasons to thank God each day. It might be about something that happened during the day or about something i heard. I’ll just express my appreciation everyday in that section and i hope you guys can join in too 🙂

Finally Here!

Now where exactly do i start from? I’ve created about 2-3 blogs before this but for some reason I’ve not been able to keep up. But this seems like it will be staying this time. Especially because i felt it so strongly to start this one. Yes, i love writing which is why i started the previous blogs but i never devoted time to them. I even set a reminder on one to always tell me when i need to add another article to the blog. Oh well, i guess it just got tired of reminding me. So, this blog seems like an instruction i got. Like i literally felt pressed to start this. I’ll be sharing words that will basically encourage readers that come across this page. Over time, I’ve realized that the power in words (both spoken and written) is so phenomenal. Words are life-changing; whether for good or bad. Words build up; words destroy. Words soothe; words incite; Words inspire; words discourage; WORDS ARE PHENOMENAL! I have decided to channel the words i say and write towards positivity. This is the whole point of this blog. Philippians 4 :8 summarizes this:

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest,whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely,whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise,think on these things

Thoughts translate to words and then actions. If we can get it right from our thoughts, then everything else falls into place. The name of the blog was originally supposed to be Words Heal but it was already taken. The balm in words points to the healing, restoration, hope and life which i hope the words on this blog bring to every reader by God’s Grace. I hope we can all share experiences and thoughts on various issues while always remembering God as the ultimate source of life and purpose.